PolyMaterials APP, LLC

A technology company with expertise in supercapacitor, materials and energy technologies, aiming to revolutionize industrial sectors with innovating approaches and devices.


Disruptive ideas to inspire.

Products and Services


PolyMaterials is developing prototype supercapacitor suited for commercial applications to consumer electronics, toys, medical devices.

Material Consulting

Having trouble with your projects? We can help you achieve that result with 

material selection synthesis and 


Proposal Workshop

Learn how to write flawless proposals to ensure the highest chance of getting funded with the help of our CEO's over 25 years of experience and countless funded projects.

More to Come...

Currently waiting for answers on submitted proposals for various frontier projects.

Thermal Polymers
IC packaging

High Power circuits require thermal conducting polymers to prevent damage. We are developing a material with a threefold increase in thermal conductivity.

Nano to Milli size

Our encapsulation can protect materials from damage by exposure to the environment with a wide range of sizes.

Supercapacitors Market Summary

“The global supercapacitor market: Estimated $6 billion by 2026.”