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Join the [P]olyM team, powering growth and advancing technologies for energy storage, conversion and delivery. PolyMaterials is a start-up company at the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator on the University of South Florida’s campus. PolyMaterials’ prime innovations are in advancing supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery technology in a sustainable way.


Tampa, FL


Full Time Position

Primary objectives at PolyMaterials are to commercialize ground breaking technology through research discovery, engineering design and dedication. We operate in part through the support of the University of South Florida, several government and research organizations as well as through private interests.

PolyMaterials App is seeking for driven applicants whose interests are in the development and procurement of innovative technologies. Engineers and interns are required to enhance our research and development team in bringing their supercapacitor, lithium-ion battery, thermal polymer and phase changing materials to the market. The Poly-SCAP is under way to meet electronic applications spanning power management, energy storage and thermal management facilities, off-grid applications, electric vehicles, drones, medical devices, among many others.



The ideal candidate must have strong organizational skills with the ability to keep track and manage multiple tasks and priorities. The candidate must also possess creative and innovative solutions to complex problems as well as a strong level of integrity and personal accountability. Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills are required for conveying data, results, procedures, etc. to the engineering and market teams. The applicant will have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally for scientific communication, customer, partner, and business development. The applicant must be a US Citizen for work related to PolyMaterials Supercapacitors.


  • Participates and collaborates in project team setting and to engage in creative and critical thought.

  • Plans a technical approach to a project based on product specifications, definition of market need for a solution. 

  • Develop and provide experimental design, technical reports, cost estimates and data analysis of engineering work planned and major accomplishments made.

  • Apply knowledge of industry standards and engineering design principles to enhance technology and manufacturing readiness level of PolyMaterials’ products.

  • Implements new technology in operations to improve quality, lead-time, and cost.

  • ​Engages in the development of a design through sketches, electronic models, diagrams, and other visual formats including presentations. 

  • Makes recommendations for the improvement of manufacturing efficiencies, product quality, laboratory practices, and safety issues.

  • Continuous review of new and existing literature to facilitate learning, innovation and product development- internal and external publications, ASTM standards, journals, conference proceedings, etc.

  • Ph.D. employment requires overseeing and managing multiple projects while participating in constructible reviews, and ability to lead one or more teams through all phases of the project timeline including document production.


  • B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Electrical, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, chemistry, physics or any Materials based programs. 

  • A self-starter, able to report, communicate and present shortcomings and competitive advantages of PolyMaterials technology for ultimately meeting end user application.

  • Ability to apply creativity and innovation to solving technical problems.

  •  Familiar and working knowledge of Microsoft Office and any affiliated software for circuit design, mechanical, chemical, thermal transport, modeling and implementation

  • Strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills. 

  • Strong presentation and interview skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written English skills.

  • Background and interest in the some of the following are encouraged: Materials Science, nanomaterials, polymers, power and energy management, electrochemistry, materials characterization, thermal, physical and chemical modeling.

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