Who is Behind the Tech?

CEO and President:
Dr. Manoj Kumar Ram

Has more than 26 years of experience in material science & engineering, polymers, nanomaterials, ceramic, biopolymers, biosensors, and electrochemistry with two masters, a doctorate, and a post-doctorate. Holds the rights of 8 US patents and 22 pending, published 4 books, and 125 journal papers. Seeks to improve the world's technology to the furthers point possible.


(727) 233-1018

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Strategic Partner:
Nunzio Andrea Giambrone

Research Engineer - Lab Manager

Arthur Henriques Pons

Research Engineer


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If you wish to get involved in our projects or have an idea that needs an extra push to come into existence, then reach out.



There is no need to only imagine what the future holds, come and see.

Manoj K. Ram, CEO



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