A supercapacitor is an electrochemical device which stores and releases electricity like a battery, but instead of storing as chemical energy, it stores in the electric field. One of the advantages is it can be charged in a few seconds instead of hours like a battery. Generally, supercapacitors are also known to have long operational lifetimes compared to batteries, with minimal change in performance.


However, current supercapacitors still need higher energy density values, it can be expensive to fabricate, are rigid, have a poor working-temperature range, and use a liquid electrolyte.



There are many ways to store energy: fuel cells, batteries, capacitors and electrochemical capacitors (supercapacitors). Each of them has unique properties that are suitable for certain applications. We are aiming for a device with the greatest specific power and energy. 



The novelty of our device is that it combines the energy density of batteries and the power output of capacitors into one with extra advantages. The substrate for the electrode is either made from a normal sponge or cloth, of which our innovative process transforms them into highly capacitive electrodes. The Poly3-Scap can be assembled in a variety of ways, the initial prototypes are displayed below. We are working on the commercial design.


Furthermore, we are developing Supercapbattery for obtaining energy-like battery and power density-like supercapacitor.

image 2.PNG
image 1.PNG

Exceptional Flexibility

Prototype SuperCapacitor